Change log Version 1.1 Build 1002

- 11:33 pm - November 3rd, 2014

New Features

1) It is now possible for users to choose themes (colour schemes). An option has also been added to system settings to allow the selection of a default scheme for newly registered staff members.

2) GPS tracking capabilities. The location of users is taken and recorded at each logon from the mobile device. The tracking records are recorded in the staff member object and can be viewed using the staff form.

3) Pictures can now be uploaded against jobs and appointments and viewed in lightbox gallery in the desktop version. Pictures can also be uploaded directly from mobile devices against jobs and appointments. They can also be viewed in the mobile version. Multi-file upload is also possible in the desktop version.

4) Agent Schemes can now be created. Once an agent has schemes stored against it you are able to link those schemes to a particular property and, in turn, those schemes to a particular job. Agent schemes add another reference point and the ability to search for jobs and properties linked to a particular scheme. For example you could use this for Kier Scape list.

5) User Defined Documents can be created for properties, jobs, agents, staff and suppliers. User Defined Documents can then be called to perform mail merge or used to create one off letters inside the business object’s form. A copy of the merged document is also automatically added to the objects communication history.

6) Property Notes can now be added to a property (same as Job Notes) and it is also possible to display a note as an on screen message when loading a property.



1) Weekends are now shaded on company and other planners.

2) Today line is shown on company and other planners.

3) Weekends are shaded on staff and other diaries.

4) Invoice 'name' is now also printed onto sales invoices.

5) 'About' box has been added with version and build number.

6) Staff signature can now be entered on screen with the mouse or a stylus.

7) Ability to change column layouts, widths and content has been added to more query lists and the ability to save those settings at individual user level.

8) Improvements to mobile version

                - New modern looking theme and buttons

                - Increased user friendliness of interface

                - Ability for non site operatives to search for properties and jobs

                - Ability to search for staff members and tap to call, text and email.

                - Geo location tracking capabilities have been added to the background process.

                - Staff signature can now be entered on the mobile device under my profile using touch pad.

                - Better forms when changing 'My Profile' and the ability to change profile picture.

                - Vehicle details shown with the ability to upload and change the vehicle image.

                - Ability to upload pictures against a job and appointment.

9) Improvements to the staff deactivation process

                - Uncleared staff alerts can be assigned to another staff member.

                - Uncleared communication alerts can be assigned to another staff member.

                - Future appointments/jobs can be assigned to another member of the workforce.

10) Sales Invoice (raised) report is now available in an excel spreadsheet format. (Alois Uk Ltd)

11) Improvements have been made to the way that gas safety certificate details are added to the system. The process is now slightly more streamlined and lays the foundations for the future ability to print certificates and capture certificate details from the mobile version.

12) Notes can be added when adding details to job confirmation. e.g. "client called and gave go ahead, director informed"

13) Job details can be printed from the context menu in the company planner. Just right click on an appointment and press print!


Bug Fixes

1) Assisted by appointment was also shown on the main operatives staff diary.

2) A unique login name was not being created for new properties.

3) Extra line breaks, spaces and errors have been removed from Gas Safety Letters 1, 2 and 3.

4) Order Date when creating plant and hire record was in the wrong format.

5) Documents were forcing an unnecessary window to appear at download. This window will now only display when viewing a PDF report.

6) Appointment records were jumping in the mobile version as a result of misread gestures.

7) Job description choices were not always editable by director and project manager access levels.

8) It wasn't possible to change the driver of a vehicle.