Changelog Version 1.1 Build 1005

- 10:25 am - November 6th, 2014

New Features

1) Timesheet entries can now be created. Those timesheet entries are then grouped together to make up weekly timesheets. (Weekly timesheets will be functional and accessible in the next release)



1) The on screen signature component has been updated to now include a line (pen) that is slightly thinner and blue in colour to give a more natural look. The signature displayed on documents has been slightly scaled down to avoid unnecessary page breaks.

2) The main agent list can be filtered based on the sales rep code.

3) Hourly cost rate, overtime rate and working hours can be stored against staff members and subcontractors. These rates of pay are then used in timesheet entries to calculate actual costs against jobs.

3) Profit and loss can now be tracked per job from within the job form. See the new tab inside the job screen marked 'P&L'.

- To be able to track P&L on a job you must check the 'Track Profit / Loss' checkbox that is located on the main tab of the job form.

- Costs are set against a job by entering supplier invoices and timesheet entries.

- The functionality provides  a breakdown of  labour, materials and other costs in both GBP and percent markup.

- Pie charts are displayed to show labour, materials, other and profit for projected and actual costs.

4) If the 'other Reference' attribute is defined on the project screen then it will be printed onto invoices.

5) If your company uses factoring you are now able to mark your job invoices as 'transferred' to factor.


Bug Fixes

1) The Gas Safety Reminder Letter parameters stored against a property were not being updated automatically after the completion of a gas safety inspection.